Istanbul Mail Art Project

Istanbul Mail Art Project

Theme: Free Technique: Free Dimensions: 10.2x15.3 cm (postcard)

Deadline: 25 April 2013 Dates of Exhibition: 09-23 May 2013

Place of Exhibition: Atölye Arts-In

The works will not be returned. Against each work sent for the exhibition, a photograph from my own camera will be sent to the participants by mail.

The works will be broadcasted at the address of: as they are received.

Furthermore, they will be shared at the address of:

Such informations as the artist’s name, name of the work, address, e-mail, etc. will be written on the back of the works.


Meral Ağar


Beşiktaş PTT Merkez

34354 Beşiktaş – Istanbul - Turkey

18 Haziran 2013 Salı


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Servat Carlos - Arjantin

Servat Carlos - Arjantin

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